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Bundle Guidelines

What is a Bundle?

Bundle means the collection of the same style, artboard and format of the icons. In bundle all the icons designed with the same style, same artboard, and same formats. You can check this bundle for a better idea.

Bundles rules in Iconscout

If you are adding icons in Iconscout. You need to add them as a bundle(collections). Iconscout follow these rules for the bundle. You need to add bundles accordingly to style like Line, Filled outline, Glyph, Flat, etc. Please check this profile for a better idea of how bundles should be on Iconscout:

This will give your profile more visible and managed view. Our buyers can easily access the assets from the bundle too.

Benefits of bundle

Your profile will look more categorized to our clients. You can even share your profile as your portfolio.
The buyer will get a whole bundle of the same style and pattern icons at once.
Win-win condition for both. As the pricing of the bundle is feasible to the buyer as well as the seller.

Updated on: 04/06/2021

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