Iconscout is bringing you their very own Application. Now you can access 1.5 Million icons on your desktop at just one click. You can easily drag and drop the icon in any tool at your desired location. Iconscout App is available for Windows and Mac.

Download Mac App from here: Iconscout Mac App

Installation steps:

Step 1:
Download the package from here: https://iconscout.com/download

You can find the downloaded package under the name "**Iconscout-0.0.1-beta.5.dmg**" in your downloads.

Step 2:
Double click on the file to extract it. After it is extracted the below screen will appear.

You will see Iconscout logo and Applications logo.

Drag the icon on top of the applications. This way you will add Iconscout in your Applications.

Step 3:

Let the Verfication get complete.

Installation complete.

After verification. Now you can open the application from application menu or go to Launchpad and search Iconscout.

How to use it?

You can learn more about Application features and usage here.

You can remove the icon from system tray below. App will be available on top toolbar always.
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