Iconscout is bringing you their very own Application. Now you can access 1.5 Million icons on your desktop at just one click. You can easily drag and drop the icon in any tool at your desired location. Iconscout App is available for Windows and Mac.

Download Windows App from here: Iconscout Windows App

Installation steps:

Step 1:
Download Windows Installer file from here: http://iconscout.com/download

Step 2:
Running this .exe file will start the installation of the app. It may take up to 2-4 minutes to complete installation.

Above illustration will appear while the .exe file will be running in the background.

Step 3:
Once installed it’ll open the plugin as shown below.

You will find all the instruction about the App. Click on the next Arrow button to complete.

Step 4:
If you already have account on Iconscout web then click on Login with web. It will redirect you to Iconscout web from where you can Login to your account. If you don't have an account then click on Signup below.

By clicking on Login with web, you will find the following screen.

Step 5:
You're successfully Logged in.

Click on Iconscout drop down menu on top left corner and start using Iconscout App.

You can learn more about Application features and usage here.
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