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How to upload 3D Assets?

To upload the assets, Open the Contributor Dashboard.

Once you have logged in you can find different types of assets like Icons, Illustration, 3D, Lottie Animation. To upload 3Ds follow the given steps.

Step 1 : Contributor Platform

You can select the asset type you wish to upload.
For uploading 3Ds, please select 3Ds from assets types.

Once you click on 3D you can see different options.

In Above mentioned page there are different options available for you. Here are their function:

Upload New: It allows you to upload new assets and add into your existing ones.
Live in store: This options allows you to see how many of your assets are live on Iconscout.
Draft: This displays the number of assets you have saved but have not uploaded yet.
Pending: This displays the number of assets that are pending and yet to be approved by our curation team.
Need to improve: This displays the assets that needs a little bit of improvement in them.
Rejected: Here all your rejected assets are shown.

Step 2 : Upload Assets

To upload your 3D, please click on upload new. We accept 3D in PNG, BLEND, OBJ, PSD, C4D, and VOX file formats only.
You can upload entire zip file or you drag and drop your files in the box with a plus.

Make sure the assets you upload contain same title for all different file formats. Making it easier for us to group them together.
After you have dragged and dropped or uploaded your files you will able to see below screen.

Here you can see six options on right top corner of your screen:
Save Draft: This allows you to save the draft you have created after uploading your assets.
Delete Draft: This allows you to delete any draft which you no longer wish to include.
Upload More: This allows you to add more assets to your pack.
Advanced Option: It allows you to apply same details to all your assets at once.
Submit As Individual: If you wish to upload any asset individually then this is the option to go to.
Submit As Pack: Once all your assets are uploaded this allows you to upload them as a pack.

Make sure one file with different format must contain the same name so that we can identify and group them easily.
We have the feature to display the same file in multiple angles too. For reference, please check the below image.

Steps 3 : Fill Necessary Details

Give Name and description and pricing to each of your assets.
You are required to put upto 50 tags for each asset.

After doing the following steps. Please check if all the files contain the necessary elements or not.
Make sure all of your assets have the same style and consistency.
You can even use advance option to give same name, description, pricing, and tags to all your assets at once.

You can also copy and paste tags to individual asset as well.
There is a pack preview checkbox you need to select if you wish to make see preview of that asset. By default, we will take the first asset you uploaded as part of the preview.

Once you have completed all these steps you are required to click on submit as pack.

After that, you will receive one popup. Please fill in the Title, description, and pricing of the pack.

You can also upload the custom mockup by clicking on the "Click here" text.

Also, you can also use our predefined mockup by clicking on "Choose from gallery."

You will able to see the custom mockups like the below screen. Please select one from this and upload it.

You need to select a bundle to complete the uploading process. For bundle, you can select style or concept name as bundle name. Once you create the bundle, you can add all other same styles and concept 3Ds in that.

You need to click on submit to submit the 3D pack, once it is done our team will curate your pack, and it will be live within 3-4 business days.

Updated on: 10/11/2021

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