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How to upload Lottie Animation?

- If you are new to Iconscout and want to be a contributor make sure to click this link. You will be taken to a page where you can fill out your details. Now that your account is set up, log in to Iconscout.
- Open the contributor dashboard.

- Once you have logged in you can find different types of assets like Icons, Illustration, 3D, and Lottie Animation. You can select the asset type you wish to upload.
- For uploading Lottie Animations, please select Lottie Animations from assets types.

- Once you click on Lottie Animations you can see different states.
On Above mentioned page, there are different states.
- Live in-store state means the number of assets that are live on the Iconscout website
- Draft state means your saved items. During upload, if you are saved something, then it will display here.
- Under review, state means pending state assets. These assets are pending and need to curate by our curation team.
- Need to improve and reject state are the same as its name suggests. Your rejected item will be shown there.
- The d**eleted** state will show you the items deleted by you**.**
- The f**ailed** state will show the packs that failed due to technical issues.
- To upload your Lottie Animations, please click on "upload new". We accept Lottie Animations in JSON, AEP, and ZIP file formats only.


- You can upload a zip file, or you can drag and drop your files here.
- While uploading the assets, please make sure all the formats of one asset should have the same name (Case sensitive) so that we can group them. For reference, please check the below image.
- Individual upload is not allowed; you need to upload a minimum of 3 Lottie in a pack to submit.

- Make sure the assets you upload contain all different file formats. Making it easier for us to group them together.
- We are accepting 50 tags for Lotties.
- After you have dragged and dropped or uploaded your files you will be able to see the below screen.

- Please check if all the files contain the necessary file formats or not.
- Make sure all the files must be with the same style and same consistency.
- Now you need to give a title and keyword to each Lottie.
- You can give the same tags to all the Lottie by clicking on the advance option.

- You can also copy and paste tags to the individual asset as well.
- There is a pack preview checkbox you need to select if you wish to make see the preview of that asset. By default, we will take the first asset you uploaded as part of the preview.

- Once you have completed all these steps you are required to click on submit as a pack.
- After that, you will receive one popup. Please fill in the title, description, and pricing of the pack.
- You can also upload the custom mockup by clicking on the "Click here" text.

- Also, you can also use our predefined mockup by clicking on “**Choose from gallery**”.

- You will be able to see the custom mockups like the below screen. Please select one from this and upload it.

- You need to select a bundle too. To know what is a bundle, please check this link.

- After filling in all details Press the “**Submit”** Button.

- After you submit, please wait for 4-5 business days to get a review from our team. Once our team curate the assets, they were live on IconScout.

Updated on: 14/06/2022

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